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Choosing an Anti-Virus – Easy yeah?

Choosing an Anti-Virus Anti-Virus

There are so many Anti-Virus products out there, many people end up wondering what’s the difference, does it even matter which one you choose?

So, here are some things that you should be thinking about before you make any decisions about choosing an Anti-Virus product.

Home or Business use

This decision may be important because of your budget, the number of licenses you need as well as what support you might want for your Anti-Virus (AV).


Many AV companies offer free versions for home users, but it is really important to understand that these free copies cannot be used in a business.

Number of licenses

The number of licenses will be important due to the fact that selecting products that offer discounts for multiple licenses can be a major benefit.


Some companies offer free remote support for licensed copies of AV products, others only provide email support.


Other considerations

There are some “features” that are…. how can I put this….. oh yeah! Bloody annoying!

Do you really need pop-up boxes every 10 minutes telling you what your AV is doing? You definitely don’t need the Red Alert claxton from Star Trek going off every time something suspicious is detected.

What you probably need is the reassurance that your AV is doing everything it is meant to be without slowing your computer down in the process or annoying you whilst you are trying to write a report, browse the internet or watch a video.


Some of our most popular choices


AV Solution Sophos Comodo
Free and Paid Yes Yes
Sandbox No Yes
Website Portal Management Yes No
Live Remote Support No Yes for Paid
Virtual Keyboard No Yes
Secure Shopping Browser No Yes
Nag Pop-Ups No No

Sophos and Comodo are firm favorites with us and you would really struggle to find better products.

So choosing an Anti-Virus is definitely not the simplest thing that you have to do, so how can you make a decision that will work.

The answer isn’t exactly scientific, the answer is to try the solutions and see how you feel about them.

Some rules for installing Anti-Virus products

  1. You should only ever have ONE AV installed at any time
  2. Download your new AV product before you remove the existing AV
  3. Before uninstalling the existing AV check online for uninstall instructions (E.G. Symantec)
  4. Re-boot after a successful uninstall
  5. Install the new AV before doing anything else
  6. Make sure that the new AV updates and scans your computer after installation



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