What is an External Vulnerability Scan?

Cybersecurity Services include a host of practices and testing, a big part of that is based on what is discovered in a Vulnerability Scan.

In the simplest terms this is external scan is what all hackers would use to assess the methods to use to implement an attack on your clients.

The Cyber Kill Chain

How do you protect against these vulnerabilities?

You can’t protect systems without completing the basics of Cybersecurity Services. That is what we will speak about after we have completed the Vulnerability Scan.

    • We promise that we will not sell to you

    • You will be provided with a full report for you

    • We promise that we will provide a full list of ways to resolve discovered vulnerabilities

    • You can also call on our support should you wish, in the future

What should I do next?

That is pretty simple, just complete a request for a chat using the calendar below.

During the online meeting we will discuss your concerns or interests, we will also ask for permission to perform a none invasive External Penetration Test Assessment on your business domain. After that we will arrange a follow-up meeting to go through the full report. Using the report, we will also discuss solutions to any vulnerabilities.


What happens after that?

In all honesty, that is up to you, You can walk away with the report. You can use your own IT/Cybersecurity team, you can have us work with your team or finally we can perform the work for you.

So what are you waiting for? Book a chat.