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Anti-Spam Gateway

Unique and extremely effective tool

Comodo has developed a unique and extremely effective tool that prevents Junk Mail from ever entering your mail server and its employee inboxes.

Here at Comodo we have developed technology that allows Antispam Gateway to filter virus, phishing, malware and harvesting spam attacks in a way automated Spam Bots can’t defeat.

No other Spam filter does a better job of restoring worker productivity because no better spam filter exists.


Without the dedicated hardware

Gateway-level filtering without the dedicated hardware deals with spam before it enters the corporate network;

Granular configuration

Granular configuration of destination routes, delivery queues, email restrictions, whitelists/blacklists, subject notations and quarantine settings;

Using the very latest blacklists

cloud based solution means mail is filtered using the very latest blacklists;

Centralized interface

Centralized interface is far easier for administrators than attending to desktop anti-spam software.


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