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Comodo TrustConnect

Comodo TrustConnect Overview


Comodo TrustConnect is a secure Internet proxy service that creates an SSL encrypted session when users are accessing the Internet over public wireless connections. TrustConnect will encrypt all traffic destined for the Internet (including Web site addresses, instant messaging conversations, personal information, plain text user-names, passwords and other important information.) Data thieves and hackers cannot ‘sniff’ or intercept your data if you connect your laptop to TrustConnect while using a coffee shop wireless connection. They can’t even determine where your information is coming from because, as you are connecting to the Internet through a SSL secured VPN connection to the TrustConnect servers, your requests appear to come from our IP address.



Why do I need a Secure Connection like Comodo TrustConnect?

If you are logging onto the Internet using Wi-Fi public hotspots, then all of your information is in a readable, plain text format that cyber criminals can sniff. In addition, many hotels have sniffable wired networks. When you’re traveling, all of your information can be seen, including confidential company and personal information.

What is a Sniffer?

Typically, a computer only receives traffic aimed at its TCP/IP address. Sniffer software allows a computer to record traffic headed to (and from) every computer on the local network.


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