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Sophos Home

Sophos Home is Ideal For:
Families –no matter where your family members are, you can protect their computers for them with Sophos Home. Also, control
what children can access via the web.
Individuals with one or multiple computers – manage the security for up to 10 machines with one solution.
Anyone who is IT support for their friends and families – manage everyone’s security centrally, whenever and wherever suits you


Commercial Grade Computer Security for the Home

Over 200 million business users worldwide rely on Sophos to protect them from IT threats. Sophos solutions have won many industry awards and our customers include Toyota, Xerox, and Heinz to name a few. Sophos Home gives consumers this type of commercial-grade protection…for free!

Advanced Threat Protection

Sophos Home uses multiple next-generation detection techniques to stop attacks of sophisticated, fast moving threats. It is constantly scanning and searching out threats and potentially annoying or harmful apps. You can also manually run full or specific
scans with ease.

Ransomware Protection

Sophos Home is the only free product that prevents all known sources of ransomware from encrypting and holding your documents captive. Sophos Home can find and remove ransomware before it activates and forces its victims to pay up or lose their

Easy to Manage

With Sophos Home you can manage the security settings for all your computers using a simple, intuitive dashboard. All you need is an internet connection! It lets you quickly.

Check for any alerts

Add new computers to your Sophos Home network Block or allow access to websites – either by general category (e.g. gambling) or specific websites.
Scan any computer for threats
Powerful Computer Security – stay safe from the latest viruses and threats
Simple web control – easily block undesirable websites
Protect up to 10  computers – keep all your and your family’s devices secure
Easy to use – manage everything whenever and wherever you like using a simple, web-based dashboard
Ad-free – use your computer in peace without annoying ads getting in your way


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