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Sophos Endpoint Management Solutions

Easy and efficient central management

Sophos Central helps you manage security policies and administer multiple products from a single web interface. No management servers to deploy or install, your endpoints, servers, appliances, and devices will check in directly with Sophos Central to receive new settings, send alerts, and share contextual security intelligence.

Getting started is easy

Managing your security from Sophos Central means you no longer have to install or deploy servers just to get started. Sophos Central provides default policies and recommended configurations to ensure you get the most effective protection from day one.

Synchronized Security

The Sophos Security Heartbeat lets your Sophos products share real-time security intelligence. Sophos Central synchronizes that intelligence across your security products, creating more effective protection against advanced malware and targeted
attacks. To take advantage of Sophos Security Heartbeat today, you need Sophos Endpoint Protection and a Next-Gen Firewall powered by Sophos Firewall OS.

Partner support

Your Sophos Partner also uses Sophos Central to manage their business, meaning you can grant them access to your configuration if needed. Want someone to check out your firewall configuration? No problem, your Sophos Partner can assist.

Empower end users with the Self-Service Portal

Using Sophos Email, Device Encryption, or Mobile? Our self-service portal lets your users access and manage their email quarantines, request encryption keys, remotely manage their smartphones and more, freeing up your help desk to focus on other tasks.

Manage your IT security on the go

Simplify your life with a single pane-of-glass for all your security. Sophos Central is accessed via a web browser from your desktop or mobile. Built using adaptive design, the layout automatically optimizes for your screen size. We’ve optimized all the workflow routines, not only making them intuitive, but also streamlining the experience, keeping you on top of security wherever you are.

Migrate from Sophos Enterprise Console

Already using Sophos Enterprise Console to manage your endpoint and server security? You can migrate to Sophos Central using our handy migration tool. Your partner can advise you if a license switch is needed. Find out more at

Technical Specifications

All you need is an updated web browser and an internet connection.
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
  • Mozilla Firefox

    Sophos Endpoint Solutions

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Home Users – Advantages of using Sophos Endpoint Solutions

Home users often get left out when it comes to amazing features when it comes to AV solutions. Sophos Endpoint Solutions in this case, Sophos Central, has a website login that provides a lot of information about the users AV status.

The intelligence you can gather is amazing, you are able to identify any of the findings of the AV on up to 3 machines (the Home user version allows 3 zero cost AV installations).

This means that you are able to keep tabs on the sites that your children are visiting among other things.

Business-Grade Security

For the first time, many of the same real-time protection technologies available in Intercept X, our market-leading endpoint protection product for business users, are now available in Sophos Home. Now you have the same level of protection trusted by leading banks, governments, and businesses worldwide.

Stop Ransomware

Sophos Home not only provides advanced protection against ransomware, it can detect a ransomware attack in progress, block it, and automatically roll back your files to an unencrypted state.

Reclaim Your PC

Immediately after installation, Sophos Home performs a deep scan and clean to eradicate malware and unwanted applications that may be slowing down your computer or threatening your security.

Secure any computer from any computer

With Sophos Home, you can easily view and manage computer security for anyone in your life – whether they’re in the same house or in another country. And it works for both Macs and PCs.

Privacy Protection

Did you know that cybercriminals can use your webcam or microphone to secretly spy on you? Sophos Home alerts you when an outside source is attempting to access your webcam or microphone, giving you the option to allow or block the action.

Online Banking Protection

Sophos Home protects your banking and credit card information from being intercepted by third-parties and key-logger software. Our advanced technologies have earned the MRG Effitas certification for Secure Online Banking.

Block Malicious Websites

Automatically block websites known to contain viruses or malware.

Parental Web Filtering

Control what content you and your family have access to by blocking access to websites based on simple categories. Get reports on restricted websites your children attempt to visit.

How to buy

Simply complete the form below and we will get in touch with you.

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