Virus Removal is a job for professional – so follow the advice below if you have an infected computer

When your system has a virus, it is critical that that system gets disconnected from the internet and the rest of the network it lives on.

By removing the computer form the network, the virus can’t spread to any other devices.

The next thing you need to do is make sure that the computer is powered down correctly, if the system won’t shut down, then a hard shutdown (switch it off at the wall) may be required.

Call your friendly neighbourhood IT Engineer to remove the virus. This may mean that the Engineer has to take the computer away to work on it.

How long will Virus Removal take?

This is a question that is impossible to answer, honestly, but in our experience 24 to 48 hours is not unusual to make sure the virus has gone, that the computer has been fully tested and re-installing it back on your network.

Virus removal


Ransomware removal is a major problem. Without the key to unlock the system the data is basically encrypted, that is to say the key decrypts the data.

Unless you have a full backup of the affected system(s) the data is likely lost.

It is, however, possible that the encryption key is available from a 3rd party, so we will always try to contact those party’s and see if they will provide the key for us.

There has also been a move away from encrypting the data and copying it for release in the public domain in recent years. Paying to keep your personal data private is always an option, however, there is no guarantee that the hacker will honour the agreement.


Malware can include viruses, but also refers to other forms of bothersome code that slows or stops our computers from working correctly. Worms, Trojans, spyware, bots and adware also make up the list of Malware alongside viruses.

Malware removal is just as challenging because one type of malware is seldom found on an infected computer. That means we have to make multiple scans with a number of different tools to remove all of the malware and then perform some deep level scans to stop them getting back on your computer when it reboots and connects to the internet. Internet Security is critical to keeping your system(s) secure.

Prevention is Always better than Cure

Our Zero Trust (sometimes called default deny) solution is the best way to prevent malware and viruses from getting onto your system in the first place while our SOC ensures that there is no nefarious network activity caused by external or internal operators.

Combined with our 24/7 monitoring Zero Trust solutions keep your systems safe around the clock so you can sleep soundly.

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Virus Removal from CTS

Virus removal success rate 99.99%
Virus removal: PC, MAC or Linux starts at £70 for home users. Business user virus removal starts at £80 per hour.

The good news is that we are pretty damn good at getting rid of the nasty stuff and so long as you don’t make the same mistake again (repeat the action that caused the problem) we will continue to provide advice and support for 2 weeks after we return your computer to you.

The cost of Virus/Malware removal for business systems costs more because there are frequently other systems that need remediation

Virus removal on Business Systems has a higher cost and starts at £120. The overall price is affected by the amount of time we spend cleaning the system(s), the tools we have to use and the number of iterations required. If we locate business data on a computer that is booked in as a home computer, billing will change automatically to a business tarrif.

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