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For several years Anti-Virus has been losing the battle to stop malware infections, the reason is simple and blindingly obvious to some and puzzling to others.

Cybersecurity isn’t a single solution story, but the product that the majority of computer users can name is Anti-Virus, so why doesn’t it stop malware?

In the main it is because traditional Anti-Virus solutions use a dictionary of known threats, this is also known as “black listing” but new threats are released every day and the list can’t be kept up to date because until the new malware is identified and analysed it can’t be stopped never mind added to the list.

Zero Trust solutions work differently, simply put you automatically assume that everything is bad until it is proved to be good. Once it is known to be good, you “white list” the file. By turning the traditional Anti-Virus thinking on its head, the white list becomes a Zero Trust solution enable us to protect your data from the bad guys.

Global Whitelists

zero trust


The whitelist approach is simple; prevent first, ask questions later. With the blacklist approach,
time is your enemy. An unknown is allowed to execute, and it’s imperative that a quick decision
is made by the product or the admin to stop propagation. Whitelisting allows time to be your
friend. An unknown execution is blocked, and thorough research can be done while all devices
remain protected.

Would you like to know the best thing? The price is amazing, and you pay monthly. best of all, we can manage the complete solution for you. This solution also works perfectly with Guardz for your Micro or Small business.

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